Book Club : The Butterfly Garden


(Photo via @stateofsp on Instagram) Like last month, I’ve become increasingly interest in the thriller/mystery genre. I think of all the style of books, they’re the easiest to read and have the biggest “pay off” if you will. I love a good twist, and I love solving puzzles, so mysteries let me do both! This month I discovered that with my Amazon Prime membership I also get to read a collection of books for free! The highest rated Prime book […]

Holy-Grail Lotion For Smooth Skin


Winter is coming. And that means dry skin is coming *screams internally*. I literally always struggle to get silky smooth skin on my body. I think it’s because I focus so much on moisturizing my face, that I forget about my poor legs! Well the day came when I realized I had to do something because my skin was so terribly ashy! Charlee and I went and got pedicures, and when they put the oil and lotion on the bottom […]

Oktoberfest 2016


Oktoberfest is one of my favorite festivals of the year. The weather is actually enjoyable (unlike summer music fests), theres are lots of dogs (which is honestly the best part), and all the best foods! I would honestly do anything for a good perogie. So today I wanted to share some pictures of the fam and I at the festival! Honestly my family is just so adorable so there wasn’t many pictures of the festival – but I’ll be sure […]

Book Club: Girl On The Train


Title: The Girl On The Train Author: Paula Hawkins # of Pages: 323 Release Date: January 13, 2015 Category: Phycological Thriller, Mystery My Rating: 6/10 Girl on the Train is a classic murder mystery – with a modern twist. Ever since “Gone Girl” (by Gillian Flynn) was adored by millions – the murder mystery about the unhappy wife has been a popular theme. Seeing a vulnerable, unstable, and even dangerous woman center stage is making a physco-thriller that much more enjoyable for the female […]

The 3 Best Shopping Tips

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I get it ya’ll: shopping is the best. Getting new things is the best. But spending sh*t tons of money? Not the best. But that doesn’t mean shopping in general needs to be written off! So today I’ve gathered the 3 best hacks (in my opinion) for making the best of your shopping trip! Mailing Lists Are Your Friends They can be annoying, trust me I know, but basically every clothing/accessory retailer out there offers somewhere between 5-20% off for new […]

2 Holy-Grail Detox Waters


It’s a common understanding that detox waters, though looking cute in your clear stylish water bottle, rarely do all that much. In my opinion, the very best detox waters are those that taste so yummy that they stop you from craving sodas, teas, and coffee throughout your day! Plus, the real holy-grail here is drinking lots of water period! So in light of this I wanted to share my two favorite “detox waters” that will now be referred to as […]

Dressing Room Diaries: Nordstorm

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In search of girly/pastel hues – Charlee and I decided to have some fun in Nordstrom! Nordstrom is a great place to get clothes from all different brands (did you know they carry J Crew now?!?), but they can also be pricy… We had some time to kill so I figured I’d share the pieces I tried on and what I thought! A.K.A. a dressing room diary 😉 So that’s all I tried on at Nordstrom – I was definitely burning […]

4 Easy-Going Celeb Hair Cuts


There’s always going to be the celebs that have the long flowing perfectly highlighted hair, but this post is highlighting the celebs with really realistic, and easy to maintain cuts! Jennifer Lawrence We all know she’s the biggest babe in the business – and all envied her perfectly long pixie – but her shaggy above-the-shoulder bob is what really catches my eye. She the perfect example of messy waves, and the face framing layers make this style perfect for any […]

Our Dog: One Month Update


Oh my gosh how awesome are dogs?!?! I had one growing up that I loved to death, even though she didn’t care too much about anyone else *eye roll*. But after she passed I wasn’t too keen on getting another dog – the internet had convinced me cats were where it’s at – and then my cat also didn’t care too much about anyone else *intense eye roll*. Unfortunately, because of Charlee’s allergy we couldn’t keep the cat, and even […]

Starbucks Tips and Tricks


It’s fall – which means it’s time to embrace the basic b*tch in us all with STARBUCKSSSSS!!! Money Saving Tips Order an Iced Coffee with extra milk instead of an Iced Latte! It’s cheaper AND you can get refills throughout the day! If you order extra milk, ask for it in a bigger cup (ex: Grande Iced Coffee in a Vinte cup with extra milk) You’ll still pay for a Grande, but it will feel like a Vinte. If you’re all about […]